I’m a writer, magazine editor and journalist living in Manchester. I specialise in creative non-fiction, fiction and the arts. Covering a range of subjects from parenting to literature, much of my current work sees me travel the world interviewing the top talent in classical music, venue builds, development, festivals and opera – I’m intrigued by everything, from ballet danced by robots to underwater concerts!

My writing explores fairness, opportunity, development society and creativity. We live in exciting times – technology is changing how we make and consume the arts!

I’m interested in the haves and the have-nots, our lived environment, health and wellness, how society edges people out, heaves people in, pushes people up and casts them aside – be that because of gender, race, ability, sexuality, class or economics.

I’ve delivered careers talks and creative writing workshops at University of Manchester, University of Bolton, York St John University, Jerusalem International Dance Week, The University of Sharjah, The Times Center, New York, and for private companies.